Bridging the Data Fluency Gap: Strategies in Digital Thinking for Enterprises Approaching AI

While digital fluency may involve some aspects of data fluency, digital fluency is a broader concept that encompasses a range of skills such as using software applications, navigating platforms, and optimizing workflows via digital means.

Future Proofing Women in Tech: Breaking Barriers & Brighter Outcomes

The Evolution of Women’s History Month The First International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8, 1911, and would later evolve into what it is today- an annual, month-long, international celebration of Women’s History. In the late 1960’s an activist named Laura X galvanized a deeper.

Best of DSS ATX: Industry Leaders’ Insights on AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Occupying leading roles in companies as established as Google, Microsoft & Dell, as creatively innovative as Adobe, Figma & Vista, and as user forward as Shopify, Indeed & Wayfair- speakers took to the stage at Data Science Salon Austin to share their insights and perspectives on AI and machine.

The Significance of AIOps

Many enterprises are either on the path of becoming data-first or already leveraging their data assets. Such a digital journey gets fuelled with data – an enormous amount of it, that is generated daily to empower such data-powered insights.

Experimental Unsupervised Log Anomaly Detection

Unsupervised log anomaly detection is a technique to detect anomalies in logs and can be more effective than supervised log anomaly detection which requires a lot of labeled data.

Explainability – A Must-Have Skill in a Data Scientist's Toolkit

A large number of organizations have been generating and collecting data for a while now – only to realize that it does not take data assets long to convert into a liability if not treated well.

9 Things We Learned at Data Science Salon NYC 2022

On December 7, 2022, we got the chance to bring the data science community in NYC back together with the Data Science Salon NYC. The last in-person event we had hosted in the Big Apple was in 2019 and we had missed seeing everybody face-to-face so much!

Product Innovation and Enterprise AI in Finance

This article discusses the needs and challenges of enterprise AI for product innovation based on Winnie Cheng’s presentation at Data Science Salon NYC on the same topic.

Knowledge Graphs in E-Commerce

Getting an E-Commerce system to function reliably is not a trivial task. It is a sophisticated ecosystem that involves understanding complex dynamics between the customers, products, fulfillment methods, inventory planning, pricing, etc.

How AI is Augmenting the Digital Transformation in Finance

The universe of machine learning (ML) and its applications is expanding at an ever-increasing rate and there is hardly any industry that is not leveraging the power of sophisticated and cutting-edge algorithms to foster business growth. Solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) have gained even.

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