Algorithmic Recommendations at The New York Times

Staying updated in our vastly changing world is very important, but breaking news is not the only content out there. Anna Coenen, Senior Data Scientist at the New York Times, is determined to make sure that evergreen content reaches the audience that will value it the most. She’s using algorithms.

Data Science Salon Miami Speakers Speak On Major AI Trends Affecting Their Industries

In advance of the Data Science Salon taking place in Miami from September 11 to 13, we asked our speakers to shed some light on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impacting three of America’s largest industries. Whether these data science practitioners have been working in the.

Customer Lifetime Values: Revisions for a Digital Retail Brand

Innovations in Data Science have increased not only the amount of consumer data available to brands, but also the methods in which this data can be measured.  Data Scientists in the retail industry are no longer limited to counting coupons and moreover, can focus on what makes individual customers.

DSS Elevate Panel at DSS NYC

On June 13, 2019 at DSSNYC, five incredible female data scientists took the stage at Viacom for the first Data Science Salon Elevate panel in history.  Though the panel was only 30 minutes long, the topics covered spanned from the different styles of mentorship and their purposes to the rapid.

Data Science That Works: Building Impactful Products for Media Clients

Especially in a field as new and evolving as data science, your strategy is only as good as your product. Fortunately, the industry is not so new that help can’t be found.  Lauren Lombardo, Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen, took the stage at DSSNYC to inform data practitioners in the media and.

DSS NYC Speakers Weigh In On What Makes Data Effective

Marketing based on theory is no longer a viable option in global commerce.  Clients base their strategies on hard facts, which are inevitably fueled by data.  As a result, data scientists are high in demand at large and boutique media organizations alike and many conversations in the advertising.

Solving Explainable AI Challenges For The FICO Score

In a world where even the most basic purchases and decisions depend on credit scores, accuracy holds significant weight. Gerald Fahner, Senior Principal Scientist at FICO, explains not only how his team uses machine learning to retrieve individual’s scores across populations, but how such models.

Building a true enterprise data governance platform for the modern machine learning era

When Subash D’Souza, Director of Data Intelligence at Warner Bros, spoke to us at The Data Science Salon in New York City in September 2018, he claimed that data security is the unsexy side of data.  However, with cybersecurity programs popping up at universities all over the world paired with.

Highlights from Data Science Salon New York 2019

Last week, DSSNYC took over Viacom Headquarters in Manhattan’s Time Square with a series of talks led by the top experts in data science. While the talks covered a variety of different topics ranging from tone-recognition with AI to customer retention, the entire event was centered around how data.

DSSe Austin Panel

What do you get when you throw four talented data scientists in a room to serve on a panel about female inclusion in the data industry? We and Big Data Beard had the pleasure of finding out on February 22, 2019 at DSS Austin when we co-hosted a diversity and inclusion inspired panel.  For one.

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