AI will become boring – after it changes everything

In the next five years, media will be transformed by AI.  AI will probably touch all aspects of the media value chain. We’re not at the beginning of this analytics revolution - we are at the end of the beginning, and the middle is going to be marked by widespread adoption of AI technologies across.

Do women's tech groups make a difference?

The birth of tech groups dedicated to women and underrepresented minorities (URM) is part of a wave of initiatives to support, encourage and mentor underrepresented groups in the tech sector. Simply go to and you’ll see groups geared towards URM for almost any software and programming.

Data Science and Entertainment Production at Netflix

It’s nearly impossible to remember what date night looked like before the coining of the term “Netflix and Chill.”  With Netflix playing such an integral role in our daily lives, we were intrigued to hear from Jen Walraven, Manager of Science and Analytics at Netflix, on the ins and outs of the.

Analytical approaches to understanding customer retention at Hulu

 Hulu’s focus on subscriber retention and the models they’ve built to assess its implications make them an innovative player in the streaming industry.  We were delighted to hear from Jeffrey Rosenberg, Head of Data and Analytics at Hulu, about the steps that Hulu’s data science team has taken to.

Machine Learning and Finance; Defining Use Cases and Gathering Data

  “Whether you have a digital product or a physical product, product management is about owning things from end to end and helping with the ideation process, defining MVPs and working with the data scientists and engineers to get something into the market.” - Zachary Hansen Zachary Hansen Hello.

Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Using Statistical Models and Neural-Network Based Models

“A lot of people in practice talk about stationarity, but they define it very very loosely. They actually talk about stationarity as if the times don't change over time.” - Jeffrey Yau Thank you for coming. I head the data science team at Alliance Bernstein and previously different data science and.

DSSe April Newsletter

April showers are the least of your worries this month as you cozy up on your couch for our upcoming events. DSSe is a space designed specifically for you, powerful female data leaders, and with your help, we will explore more deeply what that means.   Putting Females First This month, we’re.

Interactive DataViz in Credit Apps: The Changing Face of Credit Analysis

“A lot of the effort that we've done at S&P involves trying to think from the users’ standpoint. What are the key elements that will give them the most interactivity while still keeping the models intact?” - Moody Hadi Hi Everybody.  My name is Moody Hadi and I'm a Senior Director at S&P Global. My.


I just want to thank Anna and Jeremy and team for having me.  I’m a designer as it says on the slide so I’m an ambassador from the other side. We’ve been hearing a lot  about how data is about communication and how it’s about teams. I am here representing a team that’s.


Hey guys! Thank you everyone for coming today. I’ll be talking about the applications of deep learning at Groupon. Particularly, I will focus on the applications within the ranking as well as their relevance and search capabilities. I’m a senior software engineer and have been working at Groupon.

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