Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Using Statistical Models and Neural-Network Based Models

“A lot of people in practice talk about stationarity, but they define it very very loosely. They actually talk about stationarity as if the times don't change over time.” - Jeffrey Yau Thank you for coming. I head the data science team at Alliance Bernstein and previously different data science and.

DSSe April Newsletter

April showers are the least of your worries this month as you cozy up on your couch for our upcoming events. DSSe is a space designed specifically for you, powerful female data leaders, and with your help, we will explore more deeply what that means.   Putting Females First This month, we’re.

Interactive DataViz in Credit Apps: The Changing Face of Credit Analysis

“A lot of the effort that we've done at S&P involves trying to think from the users’ standpoint. What are the key elements that will give them the most interactivity while still keeping the models intact?” - Moody Hadi Hi Everybody.  My name is Moody Hadi and I'm a Senior Director at S&P Global. My.


I just want to thank Anna and Jeremy and team for having me.  I’m a designer as it says on the slide so I’m an ambassador from the other side. We’ve been hearing a lot  about how data is about communication and how it’s about teams. I am here representing a team that’s.


Hey guys! Thank you everyone for coming today. I’ll be talking about the applications of deep learning at Groupon. Particularly, I will focus on the applications within the ranking as well as their relevance and search capabilities. I’m a senior software engineer and have been working at Groupon.

DSSe March Newsletter

Most of you know our fearless CEO and Founder, Anna Anisin. And if you haven’t yet read her article in Forbes about her own career path and lessons she has learned from them, drop what you’re doing and give it a look. It’s hard to believe that such a pioneer in the data space still sometimes feels.

One More Thought On Imposter Syndrome

I recently accepted a new job at an innovative company with coworkers who share my passion for data science. Every day, I have the chance to work closely with many analysts, a data scientist and a data visualisation specialist to help clients understand the qualitative implications behind their.

How I used my failures to overcome feeling like an imposter

Go to any discussion group or conference workshop entitled “Women in (Blank)” and you’ll hear high-achieving women discuss how they are experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is feeling like a fraud, that your successes are the result of luck as opposed to talent and that someone is.

Tuesdays Together Cultivates a Vibrant Community of Data Mavens

“I believe that if we work hard to understand, together we can realize a better world. We need one another, because individually we do not know very much.” This piece of wisdom from RJ Andrew’s novel. “In Info We Trust” was just one of many gems put forth by the enlightened group of women that lit.

Announcing DSSe

Everyone who has been to one of our Data Science Salons knows how wonderfully diverse our slice of the industry is. However, in the data world at large, women are still underrepresented. Data Science Salon Elevate (DSSe) is created in honor of the brave female warriors already making waves within.

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