How cloud computing benefits data science

Cloud computing is essentially the backbone of data science. But what exactly makes this technology so critical for data scientists and the AI solutions they build?

Meet Hex Tiles: The Next Gen Tiling System for Large-Scale Spatial Analytics

Earlier this month, Foursquare introduced its new Hex Tiles technology - a next generation tiling system that gives data scientists the ability to easily unify diverse spatial datasets, conduct on-the-fly analytics, and quickly visualize and explore big data on a planetary scale. What’s more, this.

Data analytics at the edge: benefits and challenges

Data analytics at the edge is the trend of connecting autonomous vehicles, wearable devices and automated oil rigs that are operating with no human assistance. The benefits are huge, yet so are the challenges. 

Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge to tackle global challenges

Have you ever wondered how the world’s top search engines and social media platforms are able to make such accurate recommendations for search terms? There’s a graph database behind the scenes, and that’s just the beginning. Graph technology sits behind many machine learning and artificial.

AI and ML Applications in the Legal Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting emerging technology — and under this is machine learning (ML), which is an application of AI that utilizes data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn without human assistance. AI and ML are both already being employed by various industries, from.

The role that AI and machine learning plays in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and AI are both complex enough on their own, but what are the possibilities and challenges when these two fields collide?

5 Winning Tactics for Data Literacy

Although digitalization resulted in generating more data than our previous generations, Covid has highlighted the need to understand data at a rapid pace. Whether it is hospitals trying to staff based on local virus outbreak or companies trying to sustain business due to global supply chain.

MLOps: Enabling Machine Learning in the Wild

Machine Learning (ML) is being applied successfully across many industries and by all kinds of organizations, from start-ups to large corporations. However, many encounter unexpected problems when trying to apply ML to their use case. In this post, we are going to see what it takes to develop a.

Data Science Predictions for 2022

Data science is one of the hottest areas of growth within companies of all industries. Companies all over the world are scrambling for data science talent and the number of educational programs related to data science inside and outside universities continues to grow to keep up with the demand. 

Top AI applications across 5 major industries

AI is one of the most exciting emerging technologies around today. Leading the way in its emergence are big digital companies like Netflix, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, which use machine learning technologies to give their customers better experiences. Google and Amazon, for example, use.

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