Product Innovation and Enterprise AI in Finance

This article discusses the needs and challenges of enterprise AI for product innovation based on Winnie Cheng’s presentation at Data Science Salon NYC on the same topic.

Knowledge Graphs in E-Commerce

Getting an E-Commerce system to function reliably is not a trivial task. It is a sophisticated ecosystem that involves understanding complex dynamics between the customers, products, fulfillment methods, inventory planning, pricing, etc.

How AI is Augmenting the Digital Transformation in Finance

The universe of machine learning (ML) and its applications is expanding at an ever-increasing rate and there is hardly any industry that is not leveraging the power of sophisticated and cutting-edge algorithms to foster business growth. Solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) have gained even.

Git Your Way Up Collaboration

Software development is a learning process in itself. Not only do developers learn in retrospect, but they also need to frequently update a piece of code while working on a project. This iterative development process oftentimes calls for updating the code in the light of new requirements or may.

Generalization Power of Machine Learning Algorithms

If you have built machine learning pipelines, you must have faced questions like “How does this model generalize well on unseen data?”.

11 Takeaways from Data Science Salon Miami 2022

It is very hard to put all the emotions in one post about Data Science Salon Miami Hybrid 2022 and Miami Machine Learning Week, which happened from September 20-23, 2022.

An Agile Approach to Data Strategy

Picture this: On average, organizations lose about $12.9 million due to poor data quality. While the short-term impact is on the revenue, the long-term effect of insufficient data is poor decision-making and data ecosystems’ complexities.

Designing a Successful Enterprise AI Strategy

Before getting into the details of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, let’s first set the foundation to understand what a strategy is. A strategy is the roadmap of the enterprise goals or tasks that a business must achieve.

Demystifying Quantum Machine Learning

Everything a computer knows or sees is in the form of either ones or zeros. This combination of ones and zeros allows computers to store data and perform mathematical operations. Ones and zeros are also referred to as bits. 

Future-Proofing Your Big Data Infrastructure

Data engineers are facing a great challenge worldwide, i.e., the unprecedented growth of data.

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