How Does Auto ML Help Ask the Right Business Question?

Machine learning (ML) has achieved considerable successes in recent years and an ever-growing number of disciplines rely on it. This success, however, crucially depends on human-machine learning experts to perform data pre-processing and cleaning, model selection, hyperparameter optimization, and.

Making Visual AI Ready for Mass Deployment

Throughout the 25 years of my research and development of computer vision solutions, I have seen computer vision technology transform and grow at a rapid pace. When I started out, computer vision was a niche technology; months of hard work was required in order to apply the tech to simple.

DSS Virtual: Media, Advertising & Entertainment Speakers on Big AI Trends and Challenges Impacting Their Industries

We are excited for next week’s DSS Virtual: Applying AI & Machine Learning To Media, Advertising & Entertainment on May 4-5. Ahead of the event, we asked a few of our speakers, some of the brightest leaders in the media, advertising, and entertainment in data science across the nation, to share.

Do Neural Networks Really Need to Be So Big?

Neural networks — the technique underlying nearly all systems we describe as “artificial intelligence” today — are revolutionizing the way we communicate, get around, and express ourselves. In one of the most prominent recent examples, the GPT-3 model from OpenAI has learned to automatically.

The Role of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

Companies in the healthcare industry utilize their large amounts of data in combination with natural language processing (NLP) techniques to enhance personalized care, identify high risk patients or automate tedious paperwork. Continuous research in the field leads to new promising applications,.

Recapping DSSVirtual with a Data ‘Bang’ in Healthcare, Finance & Technology

The very first DSSVirtual of 2021 was held February 16-17 - and we’re still feeling excited about how it turned out! With a diverse lineup featuring 20+ talks from leading data scientists, over 1,500 AI enthusiasts joining the virtual event, and lots of great networking, we can look back and say:.

Data Science Use Cases and Challenges in Healthcare in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers promising opportunities to reinvent the healthcare industry, from optimizing the diagnostic progress to improving quality of care as well as managing hospital capacities. Particularly during a global pandemic AI carries the hope to become more efficient and.

6 Data Science Trends to Watch in 2021

In this tumultuous year, we’ve seen how digital and data-centric companies have been growing and flourishing amid the pandemic, which encouraged many other organizations to follow in their footsteps.

A Guide to Differential Privacy at Scale

Introduction The growth of AI and machine learning (ML) has led researchers to think, research and stress the development of ethical AI solutions - with AI models / solutions able to provide:

Data Science Opportunities and Challenges in Retail amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned the retail and e-commerce ecosystem upside down. While some businesses have seen a drastic decrease in sales, others have experienced a boom and marched to the forefront of the very competitive industry.

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