Linear regression basics guide - part 1

In today's data intensive world, data scientists play a crucial role. Their main job is to make sense of large amounts of data, turning it into useful information that can guide decisions. This involves both creative and technical skills, using a range of methods and tools. For beginners, it's.

Graphing Wisdom: Empowering Large Language Models using Knowledge Graphs

Large Language Models (LLMs) are revolutionizing the AI domain at an incredible pace. The diffusion of such powerful models is happening across various domains, from education to entertainment to healthcare.

DSS NYC 2024 - practical examples of leveraging AI for Finance

The Data Science Salon New York 2024 provided a remarkable platform for professionals to connect and exchange insights on the evolving landscape of AI and Machine Learning. The event featured in-depth discussions on Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) in Finance, and a range of other AI.

250+ women in AI and Machine Learning to follow - Data Science Salon guide

Over the last decade, the Data Science Salon has been committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for sharing advancements in AI and ML. Along this journey, we have encountered numerous brilliant women who have made remarkable contributions to the field.

DSS NYC 2024 - where Finance meets AI and Machine Learning

With guests from S&P, Fitch Ratings, and Deutsche Bank, the upcoming Data Science Salon 2024 conference will encompass a plethora of finance-related topics, including credit risk, navigating bias in datasets, and applications of Large Language Models, among others.

Unlocking insights: The art and science of data visualization

In the digital age, where data accumulates boundlessly, distilling complex datasets into comprehensible and compelling narratives isn’t just beneficial, it’s indispensable. This article ventures through the realm of data visualization, highlighting the fusion of artistry and analytical rigor that.

Leveraging diverse data sources: An introduction to entity resolution

In a world where data availability is becoming increasingly abundant, how can we leverage multiple data sources to answer questions of scientific interest? This matter is a perfect spot to use the entity resolution.

Ten Things to Know About Your AI Solutions

The quality of an AI solution is frequently thought of in terms of its predictive performance. If we can get good, generalizable, results on validation and test datasets, then we have satisfied the requirements for deploying an AI system, right? Not necessarily. Recently, the bar for AI solutions.

A deep dive into LLMs practice - Convergence 2024

The Convergence 2024 conference explores practical applications of LLMs and similar technologies in everyday business operations and supporting business models. This year's lineup includes speakers and experts from top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, X/Twitter, and PayPal. The event aims to.

A Critical Role of AI in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is critical for businesses in every sector in today's linked world. In a world where cyber dangers are always changing, it acts as a barrier to keep your company activities safe. Secure your reputation and keep your clients' confidence by putting strong cybersecurity measures in.

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