Top Data Science Conferences to Attend in 2022

By Data Science Salon

As AI and machine learning techniques are evolving quickly, data scientists need to constantly inform themselves in order to keep up with the latest breakthroughs and trends. A great way to do so is attending conferences, which offer the opportunity to meet other industry professionals, exchange best practices, and explore innovative solutions.

Here’s an overview of some recommended data science conferences to attend, depending on your expertise and field of interest, including NLP, computer vision, MLOps, applied AI and Enterprise AI. We hope you'll find it useful!

1. Data Science Salon

For senior data scientists who want to stay at the forefront of modern AI/ML applications.

Disclaimer: this is the author’s conference series 😊 The Data Science Salon is a unique vertical focused data science conference which grew into a diverse community of senior data science, machine learning and other technical specialists. The Data Science Salon community gathers face-to-face and virtually to educate each other, illuminate best practices and innovate new solutions in a casual atmosphere. Apply here to speak if you're interested in sharing your experience at an upcoming event.


For NLP practitioners. 

The virtual NLP Summit gathers the wold’s largest applied NLP community for three days of immersive, industry-focused content. Includes over 50 technical sessions, with focus days on open source, healthcare, and finance. Join live Q&A sessions with the speakers, connect with others through networking features, and access all content on-demand after the event.

The second week will feature beginner to advanced live training workshops with certifications. Learn, share, and apply best practices for putting AI to good use!

NLP Summit 2022. October 4-6, 2022. Online. Free admission.


For students, academics and industry researchers

The IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. The expo will be the largest gathering of professionals from across the world and from every aspect of the computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence industry. The focus will be on social networking, recruiting, learning, and reconnecting with more than 9,000 CVPR attendees. 

CVPR 2022. June 19-23, 2022. Hybrid. Starting at $100.00.


For people in data science, scientific research, and technical communication

Inspired by innovators in science, education, government, and industry, RStudio develops free and open tools for R, and enterprise-ready professional products for teams who use both R and Python, to scale and share their work.. Hear from some of the most thoughtful practitioners and effective speakers in science, industry, and technology and be able to choose from new, intermediate, and advanced topics.

RStudio::conf. July 25-28, 2022. In-Person. Starting at $980.00.

5. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

For data and analytics leaders. 

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit addresses the most significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. Join and learn how to deploy data and analytics, simplify organizational decision making with advanced data analytics capabilities, transform uncertainty into opportunity by using data and analytics. and deliver continued value in an uncertain world. 

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2022. August 22-24, 2022. In-Person. Starting at $3.975.00.


For machine learning, data science, and software practitioners. 

MLconf is a machine learning conference designed to gather the community to discuss the recent research and application of Algorithms, Tools, and Platforms to solve the hard problems that exist within organizing and analyzing massive and noisy data sets. Learn about the use of machine learning algorithms and techniques from some of the brightest minds in data science featuring topics across machine learning as well as diving deep into ML in FinTech and ML in Healthcare.

MLconf 2022. October 17-18, 2022. In-Person. Starting at $299.00.

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