Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge to tackle global challenges

By TigerGraph

Have you ever wondered how the world’s top search engines and social media platforms are able to make such accurate recommendations for search terms? There’s a graph database behind the scenes, and that’s just the beginning. Graph technology sits behind many machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, fraud and compliance systems used by the world’s largest corporations, and countless others.

Graph databases present a departure from the traditional ‘rows and columns’ method of storing and presenting information. Instead, they are designed to accentuate the connections and relationships between records, in the form of vertices and edges, making it possible to reveal deeper insights into those data sets.

The Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge to make a difference

The Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge by TigerGraph calls all passionate engineers, innovators, founders, and dreamers who are also doers to tackle global challenges and help push those boundaries to discover the true potential for graph.

The challenge is an opportunity to explore the issues that people face around the world and actually build transformative solutions while developing expertise in graph technology. Participants in the challenge can choose from a list of curated problem statements or define and solve a problem of their choice - there are no limits!

Are you concerned with the impact carbon emissions have on the environment? What about the persistent threat posed by hackers and cybercriminals to financial institutions? Or maybe you dream about solving world hunger by improving international supply chains. All of these, and more, have the potential to be a winning entry in the challenge.

The Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge isn’t just for graph database experts - it presents the opportunity for students, developers, data scientists, and problem solvers of all experiences to discover the benefits and applications of graph databases and analytics for themselves.

Playing for high stakes

The satisfaction of creating an innovative, possibly unprecedented graph solution to a real-world problem isn’t the only reward in the Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge. As the name implies, there’s a $1 million USD prize purse at stake.

Prizes are split into 15 different categories. The grand prize of $250k is joined by prizes awarded to the Most Impactful, Most Ambitious, Most Innovative, and Most Applicable solutions. Amongst the other prizes is a dedicated Women who Graph prize that will be awarded to the top all-female team participating in the contest.

All participants will gain access to an extensive set of learning resources inside a developer portal that contains tutorials, webinars, documentation, a Quick Start Guide to help get started, and many more incredibly valuable materials. This wealth of resources supplied by graph experts from TigerGraph and across the industry will ensure that all participants have the opportunity to develop and expand their technical and analytical skills using graph technology.

For more information about TigerGraph’s Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge and registrations click here.

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