DSSe April Newsletter


April showers are the least of your worries this month as you cozy up on your couch for our upcoming events. DSSe is a space designed specifically for you, powerful female data leaders, and with your help, we will explore more deeply what that means.


Putting Females First

This month, we’re focusing on female-first spaces and specifically, their impact on bringing women into the data science space.

This article in Zendesk gives a compelling overview of why female-first spaces are needed in the world at large. Though many people criticize such spaces for their exclusion of men, these spaces exist mainly “to start intimate, important conversations that might not otherwise happen.”

Of course, all groups can improve their language surrounding diversity and inclusion.  This post on Code Like A Girl offers insights on how female-first spaces can be alienating and specific ways in which leaders in the industry might rejuvenate the culture.


When Tuesday Means Ladies’ Night

On April 16th from 7-8 pm EST, we will be hosting our third Tuesdays Together chat on our slack channel. The channel is a female-first space itself, so it’s a perfect place to brainstorm ways that women can leverage similar spaces to achieve a larger presence in the data industry.

Joining us this month will be Mo Johnson, Director of Ethics at Data for Democracy, whose background in Anthropology from Rice University no doubt informs the valuable work she does to promote morality and inclusion within the data space.  


A Bright Light for All (Woman)Kind

We may not be reporting from the Stark Building in New York City, but we might as well be considering how epic this month’s podcast lineup is. Randi Ludwig, Data Scientist at Dell Technologies, Gabriela de Queiroz, Founder and CEO of RLadies and Erika Braithwaite, CO-Founder and CEO of Precision Analytics DSSe Voices, will all put on their data maven suits to share their views on the role of female-first spaces in the data industry.

Our first podcast “You’re not an Imposter,” featured acclaimed econometrician Amar Natt and award-winning New Orleans campaign manager Kelsey Foster as they brainstormed ways to boost female engagement in the data space.



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