By DataScienceSalon

Data Science Salon posted a message on Monday expressing our support for our community and our commitment to equality, respect, and human rights. We are participating in #BlackoutTuesday by not posting at all. For the remainder of the week, our social media content will be focused on sharing materials from people of color and helping our community understand how to be a better ally. 

This is part of the #amplifymelanatedvoices movement, which is the motivation behind today’s silence as well: to allow voices that may typically be drowned out on social media to shine. Credit goes to @jessicawilson.msrd and @blackandembodied for starting this period of deliberate quiet, where we step back to let others take the light.


We also want to share with our community some of the resources we’ve found helpful.

Here is a document compiling traditional media, books, podcasts, and social media so that you can find what most serves you: bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES

And here is a constantly-updated Q&A: Why do I donate? Should I protest?


We support the notion that money talks, and to that end we can support our communities by shopping black-owned businesses. Here are resources for that, if it speaks to you:


Lastly, political activism is quintessential to the movement. Donate if you can, understand policy ideas and call your legislators—here’s how to get involved. 


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