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Everyone who has been to one of our Data Science Salons knows how wonderfully diverse our slice of the industry is. However, in the data world at large, women are still underrepresented. Data Science Salon Elevate (DSSe) is created in honor of the brave female warriors already making waves within the space. We see you, we appreciate you, and we know that you are the key to bringing more amazing female talent into the industry.



Each month, DSSe have a different theme that we feel is influencing women in data science. We want you to benefit from our content as much as possible, so going forward, please email us your theme suggestions.

This month’s theme is IMPOSTER SYNDROME – the feeling that we don’t belong in a space or that our knowledge and accomplishments are inadequate. If you want to read up about imposter syndrome, this article on will give you a good overview.  Then, this blog on Hired will take you further into imposter syndrome within tech fields specifically, including the differences between genders.

But of course the best way to learn is from one another.  That’s why we’ve been interviewing movers and shakers within the female data science community them on our website for the world to see.  You can find all our videos on the DSSe website, but we know Erika Braithwaite’s interview would get you hooked.


We’re Tuesday People…

That’s why starting on February 12th from 7-8 pm EST, we will be hosting our first TUESDAYS TOGETHER chat on our slack channel. The chat will center around the theme of the month, but we mainly just want to get to know you and create an inspiring community where we can all talk. Make sure to save this link where you’ll be able to access the chat on February 12th.

If you have any further questions about how to join the chat, please email and we will set you up.  Don’t hesitate to invite your friends.  The more people we have, the more riveting our discussion will be.

If you need more convincing, Social Pinpoint’s article detailing the major benefits of online communities should do the trick.


Your morning commute just got better…

We know you probably have several podcasts on your playlists, but we hope that our upcoming podcast, “DSSe Voices”, will become your most played.  Just like Tuesdays Together, our monthly podcast will focus on the theme of the month. We’re talking 30 minutes of thought-provoking discussion featuring a group of prominent women from across the industry.  No one woman’s experience is the same and that’s what will make the podcast exciting and relevant to a wide spectrum of listeners. We want to represent as many voices as possible, hoping that they will come together to spark significant change within the industry.


80 percent is showing up…

If any or all of these events sound appealing to you, we request that you visit the DSSe page to watch more content and see what we’re all about. If you like it, make some noise and share with a friend! Our DSSe content is created for you, but it is also created by you.  You are the leading force in building this revolutionary new community and we can’t wait to work with you.


This post is part of DSSe, an initiative to elevate the voices of women in data science.

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