11 Communities for Women in Data Science to Join

By Data Science Salon

Female-focused communities are a great place for women working in AI to meet, inspire, learn from each other and eventually work towards a more diverse tech industry.

Here we present you a list of some of our favorite data science communities for women working in AI, machine learning and analytics. They all do fantastic work to empower women in the industry and support them in their career developments.

1. Women in Analytics

Women in Analytics (WIA) is a community focused on motivating women in tech by bringing light to those who are changing the analytics space. They hope to help women lead conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development and applications through WIA membership. Members of Women in Analytics have access to a job board, an on-demand video archive, and discounts for WIA conferences, partner events, and services.

WIA also helps members stay up-to-date on all the latest upcoming analytics events in your area and other opportunities to network with those in your industry such as volunteering, leadership and mentorship opportunities with the Give Back Board.

The community welcomes everyone despite gender and technical skill level. All you need to join them is an interest in tech and an open mind to new information.

2. Women in AI & Robotics

Women in AI & Robotics is a German non-profit network of professionals in the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics industry. Their mission is to close the gender gap in AI & robotics and improve female representation and participation in the industry. In this community, women have the opportunity to grow their network, learn, and further their careers through mentorship, education, hackathons, and accelerator programs. Women in AI & Robotics also hosts meet-ups, panel discussions and workshops at a local and global level, providing members with a plethora of opportunities to meet and network with industry leaders.

These programs provide women entrepreneurs with an armada of tools and knowledge through mentorship and networking, often inspiring many to actualize their business ideas. Their mentorship program offers members support from qualified professionals in the fields of career development, technology and entrepreneurship  the perfect opportunity to get their careers started on the right foot.

3. AI Inclusive

AI Inclusive is an international community with a mission to increase the representation and participation of gender minority groups in AI by addressing the bias and gender disparity. This group partners with companies to host events, tutorials, workshops, discussions and offers scholarships for bootcamps, courses and conferences. Altogether, increasing participation of gender minority groups in the AI space. 

They have chapters in San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, but have online opportunities and webinars for members worldwide. You can contact them if you’d like to start an AI Inclusive meetup in your city.

4. DSS Elevate

Disclaimer: this is an initiative by Data Science Salon 😊. Data Science Salon Elevate (DSSe) is a non-profit organization, which aims to empower, women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other underrepresented groups in the data science field. By connecting and creating a strong network for them, their focus is to foster a space that is both welcoming and encouraging to practitioners. DSS Elevate believes in the power of diverse teams as they result in wider perspectives, better work quality and broader business opportunities.

DSS Elevate provides women and gender minorities in data science with a place to share their knowledge and expertise through events, a Slack workspace, a podcast and informative blog posts on a variety of tech-related and entrepreneurship topics. The DSSe event series gathers data science specialists to educate one another, illuminate best practices and innovate new solutions. Register here for the next virtual event on September 9, and learn as seven amazing data science leaders share their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. 

5. Women in Tech

Women in Tech is an international non-profit organization with a mission to empower 5 million women and girls by 2030. While it is a great community to network with women in the industry, Women in Tech is more than that. They have directly helped over 200,000 women across the world in 4 primary areas: advocacy, education, business and social inclusion. Helping women gain confidence in themselves as this organization provides members with the best knowledge and skills necessary to break into tech and start businesses. They have a focus in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5b, to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

6. Women in Big Data

Women in Big Data was a grass-roots organization with the goal of inspiring and connecting women working in big data. Since 2015, it has grown into a community of over 17,000 members. In 2020, they became a non-profit organization which allowed them to lay a stronger foundation for their mission. They now cultivate more tangible opportunities to create true change by empowering people of every gender in tech. They believe that more diversity among practitioners in big data will lead to greater successes within the community and ensure a future that is better for everyone, regardless of gender.

Women in Big Data hosts events, provides networking opportunities, training and workshops, a mentorship program, access to a job board, and a large number of resources for members.  There are chapters and events across the globe as well as online, and you can start one in your area.

7. Women in AI

Women in AI is a nonprofit “do-tank” with the mission of increasing female representation and participation in the AI industry, working towards more gender-inclusive AI. This organization believes in the power of community and how mutual support and care can bring awareness, inspire and educate next generations through training and mentorship. They have several educational programs for girls and women such as Wai2go, WaiLearn, and Waidathon. These programs help members develop leadership skills, gain competence in artificial intelligence and how to leverage AI in a specific field, and work on hands-on projects using AI methods.

Women in AI has three regions: Europe & Africa, Asia & Pacific and North America & Mexico.  You can learn about what is going on in your regions and join activities on their website to connect with AI researchers.


Women in Machine Learning & Data Science is a community of machine learning and data science practitioners with a mission of supporting and promoting women and gender minorities in the field. This community creates opportunities for their members to participate in technical and professional conversations in a supportive environment. They ensure to host talks by women and gender minorities, and technical workshops, networking events and hackathons.  Members also have access to a job board and the latest machine learning and data science industry news.

WiMLDS has approximately 100 chapters worldwide with over 50,000 members. These chapters host their own local events, providing an opportunity for tech professionals to meet others in their area and collaborate. The fast-growing community is also a great opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds considering the numerous chapters available globally.

9. Women in Voice

Women in Voice is an international organization that supports those who identify as women and minority genders. They hope to inspire women and gender minorities by amplifying underrepresented voices, leading by example and creating safe spaces for the community. This community provides its members with the opportunity to network and build international connections through industry events and other programs, such as their book club, mentor matchup and work groups. The book club has a Slack group and they participate in monthly discussions. You can sign up to receive monthly updates on the books they are reading and when they have meetings.

The annual mentorship program is fueled by a mentor matchup. This program was created to connect women from all over the world and cultivate career and personal development through mentorship.  

You can stay up to date with Women in Voice through their events calendar, which is updated daily with weekly and monthly events around the world. 


Women in Data is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by a woman who recognized the lack of women representation in the data field. The organization aims to increase diversity in data careers and empower women to take leading roles in this fast-growing industry.

Women in Data has grown into a global community for data enthusiasts of all backgrounds to connect, grow, and lead together. They provide a platform for individuals to connect with others in the field, access job opportunities, attend events, and participate in mentoring programs.

You can join their global community here.  Stay up to date with Women in Data through their event calendar.


R-Ladies is a global non-profit organization that aims to promote gender diversity in the R community, which suffers from a lack of representation of minority genders in every area of participation. Their mission is to encourage and empower individuals of under-represented genders to achieve their programming potential by building a global network of R leaders, mentors, learners, and developers.

The R-Ladies Mentoring Program offers guidance to new chapter organizers, while experienced organizers have the opportunity to mentor and contribute to the organization's goals.

Anyone interested in starting an R-Ladies chapter can get in touch via info@rladies.org.


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